Bae Ji-hwan (Pittsburgh Pirates), who made his big league debut last year that he had dreamed of, is challenging for the second season in the major leagues. 온라인바카라

Bae Ji-hwan’s agency, Universe Sports, said on the 7th, “Bae Ji-hwan is scheduled to leave Korea on the 10th after finishing his schedule in Korea.”

Bae Ji-hwan has been preparing for the new season by steadily strengthening his body through weight and performance training and Pilates in Korea.

The agency explained, “We worked hard to donate our talents through the 2022 Hope Plus Charity Baseball Tournament, the 2022 Yang Jun-hyeok Baseball Camp, and visiting the Buk-gu B Little Baseball Team. On Wednesday, the 8th, we plan to make a donation for single mother families.”

Bae Ji-hwan, who left for the United States in 2018, achieved his dream of making his first major league debut in Pittsburgh in September last year. He appeared in 10 total games, batting . 3.3 3 (11-for-33) with 6 RBI, 2 walks and 5 runs scored.

It is a season that can be a turning point in life. Pittsburgh pitchers and catchers will begin spring training on the 16th. The beast team is from the 21st. The opening game of the exhibition game will be played against the Toronto Blue Jays at Lecom Park on the 26th.

In addition to Bae Ji-hwan, Pittsburgh is also playing Choi Ji-man. Choi Ji-man expressed his intention to participate in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), but it was canceled due to opposition from the club concerned about the recurrence of the injury.

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