After the arrival of manager Graham Porter, Chelsea were becoming Brighton.

England’s ‘The Sun’ released statistical data on the 22nd (Korean time), saying, “Coach Porter turned Chelsea into Brighton with almost identical records.”

Porter started to make a name for himself when he took charge of Brighton in 2019. Despite his little support, he has achieved mid-table results every season through net baggy recruitment. He is a famous tactician. His tactical flexibility, such as his strong pressure from the midfield and his swamp soccer against strong teams, was cited as his strength.

Chelsea sent a love call to this appearance. Chelsea sought a change by bringing in Porter as the successor to Thomas Tuchel. However, limitations are clearly evident. First, coach Porter was exposed to the problem of having difficulty developing an attack with a simple rear build-up. In addition, as the gap between air and defense widened, the problem of increasing the range that Enzo Fernandez, who is being used as a 3-line midfielder, had to cover also occurred.

And that’s not all. The attack is gruesome. They invested about 147 million euros (about 204 billion won) by recruiting Mihailo Mudrik, Joao Felix (on loan), David Dartro Popana, and Noni Madueke, but their scoring power is noticeably low. Chelsea have scored 23 goals in 23 games this season. This is a score equivalent to 13th in the English Premier League (EPL).

I can’t help but have doubts about Porter’s qualities. Porter has recorded 5 wins, 6 draws and 7 losses in 18 league games since taking over at Chelsea. In 2023, there is only one win. Football statistics media ‘Squawka’ said, “This is Chelsea’s 2023 form. DLLLWDDDLL. Only 1 game out of 10 has been won.”

They also lost against the bottom of the league. Chelsea lost 0-1 to Southampton in the 24th round of the EPL in the 2022-23 season held on the 19th. shocking result. No matter how bad Chelsea is in their recent form, it’s because they were caught at the bottom of the league. Even Southampton was an unstable team that only replaced the manager twice this season.

Since Porter’s appointment, Chelsea are increasingly posting statistics similar to Brighton’s. According to the data released by ‘The Sun’, Chelsea played 23 league games this season, 8 wins, 7 draws and 8 losses, scored 23 goals, conceded 23 goals, and scored 31 points, ranking 10th in the league. Very similar to Brighton’s performance last season. Last season Brighton were ninth in the league with 33 points from 23 games played. 스포츠토토

Even in this situation, Chelsea have no intention of replacing the manager. England’s ‘Daily Mail’ explained: “The club’s board still seems to fully support Porter and oppose removing him from the post. Training and analysis are being evaluated as excellent.”

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