Cheers erupt as the water polo ball leaves the end of the cue with a cool stroke, crosses three cushions, and meets the second hit.

As the crowd holds its breath and focuses on one cue after another, it’s Spain’s “Living Legend” Daniel Sanchez.

After winning 16 three-cushion World Cups and four world championships, he landed in Korea’s professional billiards league, the PBA 메이저놀이터.

“Hello, I’m Daniel Sanchez. See you in June.”

Sanchez, one of the world’s “Four Kings,” along with Yasper, Bromdahl, and Kudrong, who has landed in the PBA and is dominating the league.

Starting this season, he and Kudrong have built a formidable rivalry that will be a real test.

The PBA also welcomed “Mr. Magic” Seigneur from Tourquier, who captivated fans with his artistry and showmanship.

“Wait PBA I’ll be in Korea soon, see you later.”

Korean players who moved to the PBA this season are also of interest.

Choi Sung-won, who became the first Korean player to win the World 3-Cushion Championship, is looking to win in a new environment,

“Of course, my goal is to win, and I came to the PBA because I wanted to see how I fit in and experience the new rules and new environment.”

Han Ji-eun, the No. 1 ranked amateur in Korea, is also determined to make waves in the professional ranks and dethrone the likes of Cambodian billiards hero Throng Pheavy.

The PBA’s individual tour, which has been enriched by the participation of top domestic and international players, will kick off next month on the 11th, and the team league will conclude in early August.

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