“Because of the judgment that the recruitment process is in progress, it could cause misunderstandings.”

This is why Victor Ahn (38, Korean name Ahn Hyun-soo), who tried to return to Korea, spoke only yesterday. What would you most like to clarify?

Victor Ahn, who tried to return to Seongnam City Hall as his coach, but failed on the 31st of last month, posted a long article on his social media account on the 7th, a week after that. While the recruitment was in progress, he completely refuted the claim of the Korea Skating Leaders Federation, who had sniped at him.

Previously, on December 19 of last year, Seongnam City Hall posted an announcement on the recruitment of ice team coaches. Victor An was one of seven applicants. However, he did not receive the final selection.

When the news of Viktor Ahn’s attempt to return to Korea became known, some ice coaches raised their voices that Victor Ahn was an unsuitable talent. Under the name of the ‘Korean Ice Skating Leaders Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Federation of Leaders)’, “It was later revealed that Viktor Ahn (Russia in 2011) received an Olympic gold medal pension in a lump sum right before naturalization.” After receiving it, I pretended not to know.”

Unfortunately, after the position of the Leaders League came out, the news that Viktor Ahn was eliminated due to not being a candidate for the top two multiples was reported.

Afterwards, in the statement signed by the Seongnam City Hall players, ‘It is the players who play the game after all. As if conscious of the appeal of the players to help them work with the coach they want, Seongnam City Hall eventually decided to postpone hiring the coach indefinitely by announcing that there was no suitable person.

In the end, while the Seongnam City Hall ice team coach recruitment ended with controversy without income, Viktor Ahn finally opened his mouth.

Viktor Ahn, who said, “I had to be silent to say something after the announcement was made under the judgment that it could cause misunderstanding,” said Victor Ahn. He argued in detail that it was not.

He said, “I left for Russia in June 2011. He was offered naturalization while meeting with the president of the Russian Skating Federation and talking about future training plans. He told me of a ‘Russian-Australian dual citizen’ Tatiana Borudolina, a female player on the Russian team. So, it is true that she knew that dual citizenship was possible and looked into it.”

“However, after realizing that I did not fall under the ‘special case’ like that player, I felt the sincerity of a good athletic environment, a team where I could train, and president Alexei Kravtsov, who believed in me, and became naturalized in July. I made a decision. I decided that it was right to return the lump sum I received, so I donated the entire amount to a child in need of heart surgery and a junior athlete in need of rehabilitation and treatment.” 스포츠토토

He continued, “However, as the Russian side reported in August that the naturalization process was going on, it was erroneously reported in South Korea as if they received their pension first in July and then decided to naturalize in August. Naturalization was announced in August, but everything was decided in July and proceeded according to the procedure.”

Viktor Ahn vowed not to create such misunderstandings in the future.

He said, “After naturalization, I was more cautious in the media and thought it was right to focus only on the movement. In the future, I will humbly accept the criticism of the people who have to choose naturalization for any reason.” I will try,” he said.

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