Although it has become difficult to advance to the postseason, cold water has been poured on the New York Yankees, who recently returned to a .500 winning percentage with 5 consecutive wins. Carlos Rodon (31) collapsed again.

The New York Yankees played a home game against the Detroit Tigers at New Yankee Stadium in New York, New York, USA on the 8th (Korean time).

Rodon, who started as the New York Yankees starting pitcher on this day, threw 73 balls (52 strikes) in 3 2/3 innings and performed poorly, allowing 8 hits and 7 runs.

In his last three games, he showed a relatively stable performance, allowing 5 runs in 15 2/3 innings, but on this day he showed disastrous pitching again. This led to boos at New Yankee Stadium.

After hitting a two-run hit by Spencer Torkelson in the first inning, Rodon gave up two more runs in the third inning with a timely double and sacrifice fly. 2 runs each in the 1st and 3rd innings.

Afterwards, Rodon completely collapsed in the 4th episode. He caused a crisis with one out and two on base with an infield hit and a stolen second base, and was hit by a timely double from Tyler Nevin.

Also, Rodon left the mound after hitting a timely hit with 1 RBI from Matt Vierling in the ongoing crisis. The score was 1-6 when I left the mound.온라인바카라

Rodon went down the mound, leaving behind a responsible runner. Ramon Vazquez, who appeared as a relief pitcher, hit Torkelson with two runs, increasing Rodon’s earned run average to seven.

Accordingly, Rodon’s season ERA, which had fallen to 5.70 after the last game, increased to 6.60. He pitched just 46 1/3 innings in 10 total games.

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