‘Sandboard Monster’ Kim Min-jae (21, Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team) has established himself as an absolute powerhouse in the Baekdu class (over 140kg). He won four tournaments in a row, continuing his streak of 21 consecutive wins and a 100% win rate.

Kim Min-jae beat his friend and rival Choi Seong-min (21, Taean County Office) 3-1 in the Mungyeong Jangsa Ssireum Tournament Baekdu Jangsa Final (3 wins out of 5 matches) held at Mungyeong Gymnasium in Gyeongbuk on the 27th and climbed the flower palanquin. Kim Min-jae defeated Yoon Seong-hee (Dongjak-gu Office) and Kim Jin (Jeungpyeong-gun Office) 2-1 in the quarterfinals and semifinals.

Kim Min-jae draws attention as a rising star who will succeed Lee Man-ki (60, professor at Inje University), the ‘Emperor’ in folk wrestling. It is evaluated that his natural strength is enormous, and he has concentration, fighting spirit, and judgment.

It was unusual from his first appearance on the adult stage. In June of last year, as a college student (University of Ulsan), he participated in the Dano Masters Competition and conquered the Baekdu class, and in November, he even won the title of Master of the World, winning two gold medals. It is the first time in 37 years since Lee Man-gi, who held the bull trophy in his arms at Kyungnam University, that a college student has risen to the top of the world. 메이저놀이터

He joined the Yeongam-gun Ssireum team and entered the folk wrestling stage in earnest, and is cruising this year as well. Kim Min-jae won two consecutive championships, following the Lunar New Year’s Day business competition last month and this one. Since last year, he has won the Baekdu class in four consecutive tournaments, extending his winning streak to 21 games.

The highlight of the Mungyeong tournament was the final match against Choi Seong-min, his best friend. Kim Min-jae, who was second to Choi Seong-min in high school, succeeded in overpowering him by winning his first head-to-head match in the adult stage. The first round of the business match was given as a warning, but after that, he won three rounds to finish the match. While competing for the business title, the two players showed extraordinary friendship by exchanging conversations such as “Why didn’t you go over like this” and “You almost hurt your knee” whenever an opportunity arose.

Thanks to the defender of the same name on the European soccer team, Kim Min-jae made his name known to fans early on. Coincidentally, the two players have the same nickname (monster) as well as their physique (height 1m 90cm). The reckless yet intelligent game management style is also similar.

Commentator Lee Tae-hyeon, who was born in Cheonhajangsa, said, “Young prospective players in their early 20s with excellent skills such as Kim Min-jae and Choi Seong-min appear, and the wrestling field is full of energy.” lost,” he said.

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