Jang Seul-gi (29, Incheon Hyundai Steel), who is participating in her second World Cup, is not thrilled. Having suffered pain in the first World Cup in 2019, he is preparing to stand on the stage of his dreams amidst worries and expectations. 

Jang Seul-gi, who faced the reporters at the Paju NFC (National Football Team Training Center) on the 3rd, said, “I was happy to be convened. There wasn’t much to be nervous about. I came to the final convocation with a happy heart,” he said. “Training is a bit difficult, so I talk a lot about training. They talk a lot about getting better results in the World Cup than in 2019,” he said. 

The topic of the women’s national soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, is ‘high-intensity training’. Bellho maintains high training intensity even in the scorching heat. It is to raise her ‘stamina’. Jang Seul-gi said, “Thanks to the hot weather, there are more players fighting each other.” If you are satisfied with the director’s standards, you can settle down. I am training thinking that I am not good enough,” she revealed. 

The women’s soccer team suffered the humiliation of being eliminated from the group stage at the 2019 French tournament (all 3 losses). However, ahead of the 2023 FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, Korea is more confident than ever. This is because Bell led the team for four years, and the team’s breathing has matured. 

Jang Seul-gi said, “I did more high-intensity than then (2019), so I got better physically. If I get better physically, I think other factors will naturally follow. There are more players who are better than in 2019, so I think the performance itself will be different.” 

Jang Seul-gi, the main wingback of the national team, emphasized ‘no goals’ rather than goals. He said, “I think I went only with a thrilling heart for the first World Cup in 2019. “I am preparing for this World Cup with half worry and half expectation,” he said. “My goal is to participate in every game. It would be the heart of the defenders, including me, to keep a clean sheet rather than a goal.”

Jang Seul-gi, who has been represented by age group, has many good memories wearing the Taegeuk mark. In particular, in the final match against Japan at the 2010 FIFA U-17 World Cup, he was the last kicker in the penalty shootout and cut the net to help Korea win its first ever FIFA-sponsored championship. His teammates, who worked with him at that time, will be with him in this World Cup.

Jang Seul-gi said, “I was too young at the time, so I don’t remember how I kicked the penalty kick, but I want to keep it as a good and happy memory.” “The upcoming World Cup is important. I have to work hard thinking that it is a time that I will never be able to return to because I am with very good players and older sisters who are in their prime.” 메이저놀이터

Belho is only looking at Colombia, the first leg of the group stage. Seulgi Jang said, “I think the first game will be very important. In the game against Colombia, you have to put on the button well to do well. I am thinking only of the game against Colombia and working hard on training,” he said. “My goal is to start small and gradually go up. First of all, the goal is to pass the preliminary round,” he said vigorously.

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