The power of Saudi Arabia’s ‘oil money’ has reached Chelsea legend John Terry.

Saudi Arabia has recently attracted some of Europe’s top players. Starting with Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr), Karim Benzema (Al Ittihad), and Neymar (Al Hilal) entered Saudi Arabia.

Their desire did not stop with being a player. Leaders and administrators are also collecting superstars. Coach Roberto Mancini, who is considered one of the world’s greatest coaches, was hired as the head coach of the Saudi Arabian national team. They also succeeded in recruiting Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard. He is the director of Al Itifak.

Next, they are rushing to recruit Chelsea legend Terry.

Terry is a legend who came through Chelsea Youth and played for Chelsea from 1998 to 2017. He played in 19 seasons, scoring 67 goals in 717 appearances. The number of appearances is the second highest in Chelsea history. And he was Chelsea’s ‘captain’ for a whopping 13 years from 2004 to 2017. He is still revered by Chelsea fans as a great captain.레고토토

A symbol of Chelsea’s golden age. Terry collected a total of 17 trophies, including 5 EPL titles and 1 UEFA Champions League (UCL) title. He played a leading role in leading Chelsea from a mediocre team to become the best team in the EPL and the best team in Europe.

The club that wants Terry is Saudi Arabia’s Al Shabab. It is not a manager or coach position. He wants the role of ‘sports director’. It appears that Terry will also accept this offer.

‘Sports Zone’ reported, “Terry is preparing to move to Saudi Arabia. There is a high possibility that Terry will become Al Shabaab’s sports director.”

He continued, “It is said that Terry will become Al Shabab’s sports director and lead player recruitment. Terry has turned down the position of Al Shabab’s coach. He is more interested in being a sports director than a coach. Al Shabab has a charismatic superstar like Steven Gerrard. “This is a situation that requires it,” he added.

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