The LG Twins finished the contract with Song Eun-beom, the last player without a salary contract.

On the 12th, the LG Twins signed a contract with pitcher Song Eun-beom for an annual salary of 140 million won. Song Eun-beom was the last to sign contracts with all 45 people to be renewed.

Song Eun-beom did not neglect training, although the tug-of-war for salary negotiations was prolonged. Even before his contract was completed, he had been preparing for the season by training at LG Champions Park in Icheon. 바카라사이트

Song Eun-beom wore the LG uniform as a trade during the 2019 season. He transferred with FA ahead, and even signed an FA contract with LG for a total of 1 billion won over 2 years. Last year, he appeared in 25 games and recorded an average ERA of 4.05 with 1 win, 1 loss and 2 holds.

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