T1 won the 2nd set against Guangdong Freecs. They showed the side of a strong team well by using various bans and picks, such as bringing out supporter Caitlyn for the first time in LCK history.

When Guangdong Freecs took out Jerry and Yumi from the 1st set ban pick, T1 took out supporter Caitlyn and embarrassed the opponent. Following the first set, T1 tried to finish the game quickly by putting a lot of effort into the line match in the second set.

As the match started, T1 succeeded in top and bottom dives, and thanks to that, the flow seemed to be the same as in the first set. However, Guangdong Freecs also made changes in the top and mid. ‘Bulldog’ Akali on the mid lane made 2 kills through roaming, and Guangdong Freecs relentlessly dug a crack in the top line and destroyed the top 1 car first.

Guangdong Freecs seemed to have succeeded in slowing down T1 to some extent in the second set, unlike the first set. However, it was difficult to handle the firepower of the T1 in the process of colliding with full force. Even in the ensuing battle, T1 took the lead by taking various objects and destroying the tower, and as a result, the match ended in 24 minutes, faster than the first set. 토토사이트

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