Will Chris Flexen’s (29) successful reverse export story end?

MLB.com said on the 4th (Korean time), “The New York Mets carried out a trade for right-handed pitcher Trevor Gott and Flexen and sent left-handed pitcher Jack McKenheon to the Seattle Mariners.”

Immediately after the trade, the Mets took Flexen’s Designated For Assignment (DFA) action. The Mets wanted Goat to strengthen their bullpen, and Seattle included Flexen on their trade card to ease the ransom burden.

Flexen, who was nominated by the New York Mets with the 440th overall pick in the 14th round of the 2012 rookie draft, stepped on the major league stage wearing a Mets uniform in 2017. Flexen, who recorded 3 wins and 11 losses and an ERA of 8.07 in 27 games (11 starts) in the big leagues for three seasons until 2019, signed a contract with the Doosan Bears for a total of $ 1 million in December 2019 and entered the KBO league stage.안전놀이터

In the KBO League, Flexen, who recorded an average ERA of 3.01 with 8 wins and 4 losses in 21 regular season games and 116⅔ innings, drew attention for his brilliant performance in fall baseball. Flexen, who appeared in 5 postseason games, led Doosan to advance to the Korean Series with an average ERA of 1.91 with 2 wins, 1 loss and 1 save.

After the 2020 season, Flexen returned to the States after signing a two-year, $4.75 million contract with Seattle. In the first year of his return, Flexen, who played 31 games as a starter and recorded an average ERA of 3.61 with a record of 14 wins and 6 losses, drew attention as a myth of reverse export from the KBO League. Last year, he took the mound in 33 games (22 starts), going back and forth between the starter and the bullpen, and recorded an average ERA of 3.73 with 8 wins, 9 losses and 2 saves. Flexen, who played 317⅓ innings over two years (179⅔ innings in 2021, 137⅔ innings in 2022), achieved an option of 300 innings, triggering a vesting option of $8 million in 2023.

However, this season, Flexen was sluggish with 4 losses and an average ERA of 7.71 in 17 games (4 starts). In the end, Seattle dealt with Flexen’s DFA on the 28th of last month, and traded it on the 4th to hand over his salary to the Mets. His parent team, the Mets, took on only about $3.9 million in remaining annual salary and immediately processed Flexen’s DFA. Flexen, who has been subject to DFA from the Mets, will be transferred to the minor leagues or become eligible for a free agent (FA) if no team wants to sign him within a week.

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