Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nasr colleague Luis Gustavo confessed that the joining of Ronaldo made the team more difficult.

The British media’Daily Mail’ said on the 6th (local time), “Gustavo admitted that the game has become more difficult after Ronaldo joined, but expressed his honest feelings that he learns from him every day.”

Ronaldo left the European stage and stepped onto the Asian stage wearing an Al Nasr uniform. He received a huge salary and took on a new challenge in a splendid initiation ceremony.

카지노사이트 However, the Saudi Arabia League was not easy for Ronaldo, whose performance was extremely degraded. He set his sights on in a friendly match against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) but was silent on his official debut later. It was the same with the Super Cup. His hard-hitting debut goal was also a PK score. Ronaldo’s scoring record since his official debut is still ‘1’.

It has been argued that Ronaldo’s addition has made it difficult for Al Nasr to develop his entire game. Al-Nasr’s colleague Gustavo said in an interview with ‘RT Arab’, “Ronaldo’s presence is making us difficult. Other rival clubs have targeted Al-Nasr because of Ronaldo’s presence alone.”

He added, “Of course there are advantages. Ronaldo was born to take on challenges and always succeeded. Now that he has scored his first goal, the pressure will be less. We learn a lot from Ronaldo.”

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