The Korean national under-12 little baseball team won the Asia-Pacific region.

On the 26th, in the U-12 Little League Asia-Pacific final held at Hwaseong Dream Park, the Korean national team won 2-1 against Taiwan, and it was the first time in a long time that I stepped on the ground of Williamsport. With the U-13 national team winning the previous day and morale rising, the under-12 team also took a ticket to the finals.

Last year, unfortunately, it was blocked by the wall of Taiwan and was not able to step on the US final stage. However, after a year of revenge, he was able to look back to the top in 9 years after winning the championship in 2014.

The journey to victory was not an easy one. The national team was able to achieve victory in a difficult game management that allowed Taiwan to shoot as many as 7 sand dunes. The national team gave Taiwan a first run in the first inning, but tied the score immediately in the attack at the end of the first inning, and celebrated the victory by taking the final point of the thousand gold in the end of the 6th inning against 1-1.

The national team showed off the dignity of a winning team by finishing the game with no errors while Taiwan made two defensive errors.스포츠토토

The national team defeated New Zealand 11-3 on the first day, but lost 0-14 to Taiwan in the second match. However, after a 14-2 victory over Hong Kong, they picked up momentum with an 18-2 victory over the Philippines. It struggled a bit against Guam, but won 8-4 to secure second place. As a result, they played the final match against Taiwan, the first place team, and dramatically won the championship.

The winning national team will participate as the Asia-Pacific national team in the final stage to be held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA from August 13 to 20. ESPN in the U.S. is also interested enough to broadcast all matches live, and superstars such as Norma Garciaparra visit Williamsport every year at this time.

The national team won the overall championship in 1984-85 with Shim Jae-hak (KIA general manager) and Kwon Hyuk-don (HBC baseball team coach), and won the third championship in 2014 with Kim Dong-hyuk (Kiwoom) and Yoon Jun-hyuk (KT) playing an active role. . Since then, he has been showing the appearance of an emerging powerhouse, winning two International League championships (runner-up overall).

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