The first half of the Samsung Lions. So close.

From the start, a tsunami of injuries struck. An underdeveloped player base. The remaining players had to struggle against the pressure.

The injured came back one by one, but the players who used all their strength left one by one.

Return of the injured and Sangmu In June, when players from all over the world will return, they dreamed of becoming a full group, but it was shattered miserably. Rather, more players broke away and crashed. Eventually, on June 22, he lost three consecutive matches against Kiwoom and fell to the bottom. After that, they finished the first half in 10th place with a difference of 9th and 5 games. If you can’t escape the 10th place in a while, you will finish the season at the bottom for the first time in 42 seasons since its establishment in 1982.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man said ahead of the end of the first half, “The players’ performance in coping with the missing many players due to injuries was poor. If one player is missing, it can be filled, but it seems that there was insufficient experience in coping with the missing position of two or three players.” was diagnosed He analyzed, “On the pitcher’s side, it seems that there was an effect that the situation was not right, such as the bullpen not being good when the starting pitcher was good, and the bullpen blocking it when the starting pitcher collapsed.”

Coach Park said, “It’s okay if you’re in a good mood, but because the team atmosphere isn’t good, it shakes one by one.”메이저토토사이트

Samsung initially started with an unstable power.

Coach Park Jin-man did not blame the thin player base. Instead, from the last finishing training to the intense hell training, we sought the growth of young players. However, the mental burden of the remaining young players increased due to the unexpected line injury of the main player. There was not enough experience to overcome this. It was also because the young Samsung players were kind and somewhat soft-hearted.

Director Park said, “You have to be bold and not afraid of failure, but that part is unfortunate. I think the competitive spirit is still lacking. I’m talking about it, but it doesn’t seem to change suddenly. “diagnosed.

The philosophy of training effectiveness was firm.

Director Park Jin-man said, “If you train, you will get better performance than you have. That is certain. Someday, even if it is not this year, you will make your own, so the training effect will come out even after a few years.”

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