Ha-Seong Kim (San Diego Padres)’s 2023 season has ended.

The team was disappointed in the fall baseball stage, but for Kim Ha-seong, it was the best season of his career. It was a season in which great progress was made not only in defense but also in offense. Almost all offensive indicators, including batting average, home runs, and stolen bases, have improved compared to last season. In particular, the 17 home runs and 38 stolen bases were impressive. He also hit a walk-off home run and a grand slam.

Now, all Kim Ha-seong can hope for is a Gold Glove. Ha-seong Kim, who was one of the final three candidates in the shortstop category last year, is aiming for the Gold Glove award in the second base or utility category this year. Ha-seong Kim mainly played second base this season, but also played shortstop and third base.

Just Baseball recently mentioned the leading candidates for the Gold Glove for each position in the National League.

According to this, in the second baseman category, Bryson Stott (Philadelphia Phillies) or Nico Horner (Chicago Cubs) were selected as strong candidates. Ha-seong Kim was not mentioned.

However, Kim Ha-seong was selected as a strong candidate in the utility sector.

Just Baseball said that Kim Ha-seong and Korean-American Tommy Edman (St. Louis Cardinals) stand out as players who are a perfect fit for utility players.레모나토토

The media said, “Kim Ha-seong mainly played second base this season, and he performed tremendously in that position. In the National League, he ranked in the top five in four categories highlighted in the defensive index,” and “He is credited with excellent defense at second base.” “In addition, he demonstrates above-average defensive ability not only at the shortstop position but also at the hot corner. Ha-seong Kim saved more than three defensive runs in each of the three positions,” he explained.

“San Diego was able to move him around the diamond and Ha-Sung Kim brought tremendous value with his glove this season and made a strong case for winning his first Gold Glove Award.”

The media praised, “However, Edmond is also a candidate because he plays elite defense in multiple positions. He not only has the ability to play all over the diamond, but he also has good outfield defense.”

He also added, “Edman recorded positive UZR at shortstop, center field, and right field, making up for his shortcomings in other positions.”

The explanation is that Kim Ha-seong and Edman, both of Korean blood, will compete fiercely for the utility category award.

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