The European Football Federation (UEFA) took responsibility for the delay in last year’s UEFA Champions League (UCL) final and apologized to many fans. 바카라

The kick-off of the UCL final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, which took place on May 29, 2022, was delayed by 36 minutes. It was because the Liverpool fans were delayed. At the time, about 15,000 Liverpool fans were unable to pass through the checkpoint, and site managers and police blocked the entrance and denied them entry.

The delay in admission itself is quite possible. Due to the nature of the UCL finals, where fans of both teams and a large number of people visited the stadium, it was not surprising if there was any disturbance.

The problem was the UEFA statement. After the final, UEFA announced in an official statement that “the kick-off was delayed because thousands of Liverpool fans were holding fake tickets”.

This was a bit of a twisted fact. Liverpool fans’ fake tickets were not of their own production, but a scalper scam. In addition, Paris police guided people down a path that had been pointed out as a dangerous passage for years, and thousands of Liverpool fans were forced to face police suppression and attacks by French locals in a confined state.

An independent report released this week also pointed this out. The report dismissed “evidence” of Liverpool fans’ troubles, saying that poor route planning and excessive police suppression were the main causes of the delay. He criticized the incident as a failure to establish public safety, comparing it to the 1989 Hillsboro disaster.

The independent report concluded that “UEFA, as tournament organizers, must bear primary responsibility for what could have turned into a disaster”. “This should not have happened at such an important sporting event, and it is also unacceptable that it happened in the heart of continental Europe,” said Dr Tiago Rodriguez, chairman of the independent investigative body.

UEFA apologized again. They also apologized to their fans once in June. UEFA has left a deep apology to all spectators, especially Liverpool fans. It also announced that it would be announcing a special refund plan for those affected.

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