Colin Bell Women’s National Soccer Team Head Coach ” Chun Ga-ram,

focusing on winning the first opponent Colombia , grew through high-intensity training” Korean national team, 30th 2023 first convocation training

“We are not weak against any team.” 토토사이트

Coach Colin Bell (62, England), who leads the women’s national soccer team, said, “When I first took charge of the Korean national team, my confidence level was small, but now it has grown enormously.” ” he was confident.

On the 26th, head coach Bell threw his vote ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand at the Football Association in Jongno-gu, Seoul. The national team was placed in a group with Colombia, Morocco and Germany in the World Cup held in July.

Head coach Bell, who said “Happy New Year” in Korean, emphasized, “I am concentrating on how to defeat Colombia, my first match opponent.”

Regarding coach Paulo Bento’s achievements in reaching the World Cup round of 16, Coach Bell emphasized, “I respect it, but it doesn’t feel like motivation or pressure.” Regarding Garam Chun (21, Ulsan College of Science), who is regarded as the future of Korean women’s football, he praised her as saying, “I have grown to the next level while digesting high-intensity training,” and that “he is quick and wise to learn.”

Head coach Bell, who has been leading the national team since 2019, introduced, “I am helping players to raise their potential to the desired position.”

The national team will have their first convocation training of the new year in Ulsan on the 30th. On the 16th of next month, he will participate in the Arnold Krak Cup, a friendly competition hosted by the England Football Association. At this time, the national team will face strong European powers such as England, Belgium and Italy. Head coach Bell emphasized, “There is no time to make up for weaknesses or shortcomings in the World Cup,” and “If you face a strong European team, there will definitely be some regrets, and I will use this tournament as an opportunity to make up for it.” “It’s a tournament you don’t have to participate, but you have a chance to learn,” he said. “If you pass the World Cup group stage, you can meet another strong European team, and in that respect, it will be a good learning.”

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