Serious lottery players use various lottery software when getting ready for the next draw. Most lottery tools are lottery software programs that analyze the history of winning numbers. These tools or programs run the gamut from simple and straight to complex and very complex. Although serious lottery players each have their own toolbox, there is one tool that they all share. This is the most basic and basic tool of all. This is simply a list of the previous winning numbers in chronological order.

Most players accept this as a classic way of documenting lottery history. Typically, the winning numbers from a single draw appear on each line preceded by the draw number or draw date.

It looks like this:

When a player is compiling his play list for the next draw, this tool allows him to check the previous winning numbers to look for lottery number patterns. There are many players who are quite good at this but personally, I am not very 스포츠토토 at it. They have the uncanny ability to uncover patterns where we all see only lists of numbers.

Eyes Have It

I know, I know, some of you are saying, ‘You have got to be kidding me. This is not a lottery tool. It’s a joke.’ Relax there Senior Cynical, there are many more. many sir!

When looking at such a list, one thing is somewhat clear. It looks like a database similar to what you might see in an Excel spreadsheet. Therefore, we can manipulate it using typical database tools to simplify our search for lottery number patterns and trends. Let’s look at some examples.

One of the comments I hear from many lottery players is that when their eyes drift back and forth to a drawing, they lose track of their position and have to start over. There was also a headache that occurred about five minutes later. For example, let’s say a player wants to compare the first number column to the fourth column. Why? He wanted to see if he could identify any number patterns that he could use to his advantage.

By simply rearranging the columns, players reduce eye strain and fatigue. By placing two columns of flowers next to each other, players will no longer be distracted by the numbers in between. He could also minimize distractions by simply clearing the remaining columns. Now, players can focus their attention on the subject at hand. Players love this feature.

Chronological Order of Pgs

Another problem with this database is its chronology. The first image is followed by the second image, etc. Why do we have to look at the pictures sequentially? Who says we have to look at past winning numbers the same way? Let’s think outside the toolbox.

We can sort the table on any column. If we sort column 1 then all images with number 1 will be displayed together in one group to facilitate inspection. Wow! Now, that’s an advantage. Searching for lottery number patterns related to the number 1 just got a lot easier. But wait; There are more. You can also sort column 1 in descending order, placing the largest number first.

Remember, we started with a list of consecutive winning numbers. Now, with some simple database manipulation techniques, we can turn lottery history upside down, upside down and sideways. It gives players a whole new perspective. Players now have a variety of new perspectives.

What’s in Your Lottery Toolbox?

Every lottery player needs this tool in their lottery toolbox.

1. Rearrange the columns to match.

2. Uninteresting empty column.

3. Sort the database in ascending order.

4. Sort the database in descending order.

Your point of view can make all the difference when it comes to your profits. So how many viewpoints are there using this lottery tool? Hold on to your hats. By mixing and matching these four techniques, there are an astonishing 21,528 possible viewing points for the 6 number lottery! This should shake previously held skepticism to its core. What’s in your lottery toolbox?

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