Even ten days ago, the Dominican Republic was considered a strong favorite to win this WBC (World Baseball Classic). While the United States is trying to win the championship for the second time in a row with the strongest team ever, the Dominican Republic has started to organize the team by entrusting active player Robinson Cano (San Diego) as the general manager.

However, on the 29th of last month, it was reported by the media in the Dominican Republic that 18 out of 50 players on the interest list, more than one-third, faced opposition from their clubs to participate in the WBC. One by one, the absent players are being revealed, and the power leak is particularly large in the starting lineup. The part that was evaluated as having a comparative advantage over another championship candidate, the United States, is rather becoming a weakness.

The other lineup was packed with all-stars in both the United States and the Dominican Republic. The problem was the pitching staff, but the Dominican Republic had an advantage in the starting rotation. The Dominican Republic was more powerful than the United States was weak.

The U.S. formed a new starting structure with young Finnester Cortes (Yankees) and Logan Webb (San Francisco), and veterans Adam Wainwright (St. Louis) and Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers).

Merrill Kelly (Arizona) Nathan Eboldi (Texas) Kyle Freeland (Colorado) Lance Lynn (White Sox) Miles Mycholas (St. Louis) Brady Singer (Kansas City) also joined the U.S. team. 온라인카지노

The Dominican Republic was expected to outperform the United States in quality rather than quantity of starting pitchers. The face of the major starting pitchers selected by MLB Network is splendid. It was led by last year’s National League Cy Young Award winner Sandy Alcantara (Miami), followed by Luis Castillo (Seattle), Christian Javier and Framber Valdez (both Houston), Freddy Peralta (Milwaukee), and Luis Severino (Yankees).

However, starting with Castillo, Peralta, Severino, and Valdez were not allowed to participate in the WBC. Valdez threw 25 innings in the postseason following 201⅓ innings in the regular season last year, and was under pressure to prepare for the new season. In the end, only Alcantara and Javier remained.

Meanwhile, the final list of 20 participating countries, including the Dominican Republic, will be released through the MLB Network on the 10th.

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