City are preparing to renew the contract with Julian Alvarez.

He is a top-class striker from Argentina. Although he is 170cm tall and his physicality is not outstanding, his influence is revealed based on his fast speed, recklessness, understanding of tactics and vigorous activity. They are from Argentina, have the same position, have similar physicals, and even come from Manchester City, so they are compared to Sergio Aguero.

He conquered his home league at an early age. He grew up in Argentinian ‘prestigious’ River Plate and made a leap to the team’s starting lineup from the 2021 season. Only in the league that season, he recorded 18 goals and 7 assists, establishing himself as an ‘ace’, and before joining Man City, even in the 2022 season, he showed outstanding skills with 18 goals and 6 assists in 26 games, including cup competitions.

He came to Manchester City with high expectations. He’s definitely not a regular. This is because ‘monster striker’ Elling Holland is holding on. Nevertheless, he is trusted by manager Pep Guardiola, such as coming out as a right winger or building a two-top with Haaland. He doesn’t even have bad grades. Despite his limited playing time, he scored 10 goals and 2 assists in 30 games, including cup competitions. 카지노

His performance was outstanding at the World Cup. He played for Argentina, and was not originally a starting player. He has been tapped by Lautaro Martinez as an assistant to Lionel Messi. However, his sluggishness was worse than expected, so Alvarez started in the third game of the group stage.

I made full use of this opportunity. Alvarez, who started in the third group match against Poland, scored a goal to lead his team to victory. In addition, he dispersed the pressure given to Messi with his vigorous activity and created continuous opportunities. In subsequent tournaments, Messi’s side was Álvarez’s. He also had good grades. He scored goals in the round of 16 against Australia and in the semi-final against Croatia and contributed to the victory. It was the moment when he became Messi’s perfect ‘assistant’.

Alvarez has emerged as the best player in the World Cup. Of course, at the club level, development is still needed. This is because the details are not enough to perfectly implement Pep Guardiola’s tactics.

Still, Manchester City believe in Alvarez’s potential. Recently, he even prepared to renew his contract. Although his existing contract remains until 2027, he has prepared a one-year extension with a weekly wage increase in consideration of his value. European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said, “Man City has offered Alvarez a contract extension until 2028 with a weekly wage increase.

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