The hits were 19-12. The score was 15-3. LG won the game. It was also a complete loss for Doosan. By the numbers, LG dominated with power. But behind the scenes, it was a self-defeating trend as Doosan faltered on defense.

The winner of the Jamsil 안전놀이터 rivalry game that ended on the 18th was LG. LG finished the three-game weekend series with a 2-1 win-loss record. They also maintained their 5-2 head-to-head advantage over Doosan this year.

There were only two Doosan errors recorded on the scoreboard on the day, but to be fair to the scorekeepers, there were a number of defensive miscues that led to relays where Doosan either missed an out or gave up a base.

It’s just a hypothetical, but if Doosan’s defense had been as solid as it has been in the past, this game could have been very close.

The first run came from an error. In the bottom of the first inning, Doosan starter Jang Won-jun, who was handling Park Hae-min’s bunt single with nobody out, 메이저놀이터추천 dropped the throw behind second baseman Seo Ye-il. The pitch was low, but with a catchable trajectory. The throwing error by the second baseman left the bases loaded and Doosan scored the first two runs of the game.

Doosan cut the deficit to 1-2 in the top of the second with a Park Kye-beom RBI single, but gave up seven runs in the bottom of the inning. While Jang Won-jun was unable to get the LG batters out of the inning, it was more of a result of Yoo Soo-jin’s inability to get into position.

Things were looking good for Doosan until the bottom of the second inning, when Lee Jae-won doubled down the left field line to score Kim Min-sung from second to cut the deficit to 3-1. But then came a strange sequence of hits, starting with Hong Chang-ki’s double to left-center field. Doosan shortstop Park Kye-beom was slightly centered toward second base at the time of the hit, but he could barely move as the ball went right by him. It was a hit that could have been handled with a bullet, but it was a double.

Park Hae-min’s single to right-center field, which came straight from the first base line, was actually an error. The ball landed between center fielder Jung Soo-bin and right fielder Hong Seong-ho, both of whom could have made the catch, but they both hesitated, and Hong was unable to get the ball into his glove.

Doosan gave up two more runs on a double to right-center field by Kim Hyun-soo. Austin Dean followed with a line drive to center field, a pitch that could have been a single if the center fielder didn’t overextend himself, or a straight line drive if he timed the diving catch well. However, Jeong Soo-bin, the ‘master of defense’, threw himself forward and didn’t even get his glove on the ball. He got the distance right, but completely missed the direction of the pitch as it curved sideways, sending the ball behind the plate. The inside-the-park home run (ground ball) quickly brought in two more runs.

Doosan gave up its 10th run of the game in the top of the fourth inning after Austin’s pitcher, Lee Hyung-beom, fumbled a few times on a ground ball and then made a throwing error to first base, allowing the tying run to reach second base. Doosan continued to make mistakes on defense from there on out.

Doosan has traditionally been a strong defensive team. However, in recent seasons, the team’s colors have been fading. The Jamsil Rivalry game was a confirmation of the negative trend in Doosan baseball. That’s why it hurt more than a loss.

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